High school reunions are for

Building renewed friendships

And growing more brain neurons.

It refreshes the childhood memories of happy teenage acts

And revisits the past to build a better you.

Invigorates the spirit for gratefully thanking God we still live.

Despite the challenges and new dreams created.

We meet to cherish more happy moments

And to find support even when we’re thousand miles away.

Support in all our wishes come true, big or small

For we can choose to be happy and

Choose the people we want to be with.

We have become what we are surrounded with

Growing up with teachers in our elementary and high school days

With classmates we treat like our own sisters or brothers.

Grateful for the years gone by

And we’re still feeling like in high school.


Feb 12, 2023 45th for Pasay City South High School 1978 graduates and

49th for Nichols Air Base Elementary School 1974 graduates

Antorina Resort, 10am whole day, Panapaan Bacoor Cavite

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